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Oceanside Unified School District Commits to Work on Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency CommitteeOceanside Unified School District (OUSD), has assembled a Culturally Proficient Educator Committee (CPEC) comprised of more than 40 district staff and community representatives with the goal of leading the work of cultural proficiency throughout the district to ensure we are providing safe and equitable learning environments for all of our students.  


The importance of cultural proficiency goes beyond just providing curriculum and experiences that our students can identify with. As a district, we realize the importance of providing staff with the resources and training needed to better serve our diverse population. Through partnerships with the California Teachers Association (CTA), Oceanside Teachers Association (OTA), Human Rights Council of Oceanside, MeCHA, American Friends Service Committee, and the North County LGBTQ Resource Center we will focus on increasing individual cultural proficiency and building our capacity for cultural proficiency as an institution.


Cultural Proficiency is inside-out work. The work suggests we must first understand our implicit bias, so we can ensure that we do not promote stereotypes or act on negative assumptions towards a particular group of people. Superintendent Dr. Vitale said, “ It is being aware of who you are in the world and how you operate and think, particularly towards certain groups of people.  If we can all increase our individual awareness and intentionally work towards including and valuing all people in our community we will find that the feeling of belonging will grow to all stakeholders in OUSD.”


The CPEC will participate in a series of events and trainings designed to challenge their own cultural bias and understanding of cultural diversity. Additionally, the CTA will provide two full days of unconscious bias training to the CPEC and the committee will visit the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. Through the partnership with OTA and CTA, unconscious bias training is expected to be provided to all staff by the end of 2019.


Oceanside Unified School District is committed to supporting families with various structures and from various backgrounds and providing a first class education to all students through equitable, safe, and stable learning environments. We understand that each of our unique differences contributes to the success of our community.


Posted by: Matthew Jennings, District Admin, Oceanside Unified School District Published:5/1/19
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