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All Lincoln students experience hands-on, inquiry-based, science, technology, engineering and math lessons and activities that begin to prepare them for high-tech, high wage, high-demand careers. The implementation of Project Lead the Way technology and engineering modules build students' perspective and confidence as engineers, programmers, scientists, architects, and designers. School is both rigorous and relevant for students at Lincoln and have established a program that meets the SDCOE STEM Quality Criteria.


We want to spark the inner curiosity of children that has been snuffed out in many students.

We want the child who asks “why” and wants to find an answer not be told an answer.

  • All students receive the same educational content and homework.

  • Use of CANVAS for students and parents to experience blended environment.

  • Teachers utilize PLC time and common preps to develop modules.

EVERY student is guaranteed to leave our school having 3 years of engineering and design process using PLTW that is integrated into the science curriculum and NOT run as an elective.