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Nutritional Services

OUSD Nutritional Services at Lincoln: Award-Winning Healthy Choices

The Nutrition Services Department is proud to be part of the District team!  We embrace collaboration and sharing and strive to make our customers happy.Our main goal is to support our educators in their efforts to continually improve student achievement. To do this, we make sure to consistently serve quality, nutritious meals to students and staff.  It is a proven fact that hungry minds    cannot learn and cannot teach!The National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs are in place to ensure that all children have access to healthy meals at school in order to promote learning readiness and healthy eating behaviors.                                                         
As the recipient of the "Outstanding School Lunch Award" by the California Department of Education, we believe and practice continuous improvement. Since the implementation of our signature "Lighthouse Foods" program, we have changed our menu to include more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. Our lunch menu also includes healthier reduced fat entree choices using chicken and turkey, as well as daily vegetarian entrees. Our breakfast menu has changed too. Fresh fruit or juice, granola, reduced sugar items and reduced fat entrees have been added. Recently we made a big change. There are now NO artificial TransFats in any of our menu items in the Breakfast, Lunch and AlaCarte programs.                                                                                 
The USDA indicates that children who participate School Lunch have superior nutritional intakes compared to those who do not participate.  Studies show that proper nutrition improves a child's behavior, school performance, and overall cognitive development.  A healthy eating environment teaches children good nutrition and the elements of a proper diet, which can have positive effects on  children's eating habits and physical well-being throughout life.  

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