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Tutoring Academic Program

Student success is the top priority for ALL of our Lincoln students!


To help our students achieve their highest potential we offer students additional academic support during lunch. This can be a voluntary tutoring opportunity or can be assigned to a student who may need an additional nudge. Students are to report to the designated tutoring classroom within five minutes of the bell excusing students to lunch. Students eat lunch after the tutoring is completed.


TAP Schedule:


Tuesday - Humanities

6th grade - Ms Humphrey, room J-1

7th grade - Mrs. Dolan, room J-6

8th grade - Mrs. Wilkins, room F-1

Wednesday - Math

6th grade - Mrs. McPherson, room J-5

7th grade - Mr. DeFoney, room E-7

8th grade - Mr. Taliana, room F-5

Thursday - Science

6th grade - Mrs. Bloomer, room C2

7th grade - Mr. Gurney, room D-4

8th grade - Ms Cooper, room D-1


Lunch lasts for 35 minutes. Students are to go directly to TAP and then be released from TAP with enough time for them to get lunch. They should be able to walk right in the MPR once they are done in TAP as the lunch line will be gone by then.