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Special Education Teachers & Support Staff

Shannon Bates (Ackerly)

Mrs. Bates

Hi! I'm Shannon Bates (formerly Shannon Ackerly). This is my second year as an Education Specialist at Lincoln, third in OUSD. Previously I worked at El Camino before moving here to Lincoln. I have a love for the Big Cats of Oside as I still coach boys and girls tennis there, but absolutely love the kiddos here! I keep my classroom feeling home-y with a huge brick Words of Wisdom Wall, flexible seating, and student art up at all times. I love the beach, which makes Oceanside an amazing place to live and work. Mugs and scarves abound in my life, and if I have some sweet coffee and a good book in my hand, it will be a good day. On weekends and breaks, my husband and I go on as many adventures as we can; whether it's just trying a new restaurant in town, catching a movie, or taking a weekend road trip to see his family in east Texas, we are always looking to make new memories.

Cheryl Mathews

Before Children I was into body building and a personal trainer at World Gym. I also did modeling commercials for World Gym. I was also an avid  skier, surfer, and running a 5 or 10 K somewhere. I was  always at the beach. I was born and raised in Oceanside...I'm a rare breed, true So. Cal native girl.  I am an AZTEC...S.D.S.U. Alumni!! There I received my Bachelor's in

Liberal Arts, Learning Handicap Credential, and Multiple Subject Credential. I went on to U.C.S.D. earning my Resource Specialist Credential. I taught in Vista Unified School District for 10 years. I missed being at the beach, and divine intervention stepped in...there was an opening at O.U.S.D. for a Resource Specialist here at Lincoln.  I've been at Lincoln ever since then. 

 Now it's all about yoga, Swami's Beach and living a healthy lifestyle. I have 2 beautiful boys...21, and 23 now. Still my babies. My oldest is a  Skateboard Photographer and several adds published in THRASHER magazine. My baby is the "TECHY" in the family! He's in college majoring in technology.... to teach his Mother. I'll get there, through osmosis!! Now, my life is still crazier than ever, and even more fulfilling!


Joe Soto


Susan Dusch

Susan DuschHi, my name is Susan Dusch and I'm starting my 25th year as a Special

Education Teacher.  This is my 19th year at Lincoln.  I'm originally from

New Hampshire, but moved here quickly after Grad School to get out of

the cold!  

My husband, Ryan, and I have two sons who are both in high school. 

We love camping and spend a lot of our time at the beach! 

I'm looking forward to a great school year!

Stephen Keith

Stephen Keith

The 2018-2019 school year is my first year at Lincoln, my 7th year as an Education Specialist, and my 10th year in the school district.  I am an Oceanside local and am thoroughly excited to give back to the community that raised me.  Away from the classroom I volunteer with the Autism Society of America, enjoy time at the beach and like to compete in Obstacle Course Races (Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc.).  I’m excited to be a part of the Lincoln community and looking forward to another year and opportunity to facilitate positive human connections.


Nanette Brown-Speech Therapy

Nanette Brown


Welcome to Lincoln. I have been with OUSD for the past 22 years. I have B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Wisconsin in Communicative Disorders. Prior to moving to California with my two, now adult children, I practiced in the Chicago area. My work experiences include running a Speech/Language Clinic, working with Preschoolers through High School age. in addition, I taught at Columbia College and worked at North Chicago VA hospital. As you can see, I enjoy and respect working with all age groups. My personal passions beyond my family are in theater and photography. I look forward to meeting you.

Support Staff

Carlos Dominguez 
Carlos Dominguez
Gigi Labourdette
Jordonna Makihele Rosie Jordan
Audrey Molifua Colin Clark
Karina Garcia Della Brown

Trisha Hurley-Rivera and Belinda Mayberry

Aaron Powell