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English Language Development Teachers

Ann Ware

Ann WareMy name is Ann Ware and I have been teaching at LMS for almost four years. I love writing, swimming, history, geography, reading biographies, teaching and my family. I was a Humanities teacher and now I teach ELD. I grew up all over the world due to my father’s job.  I’m originally from Sweden, but was born in Thailand and English was my third language. I came to the USA at 18 with a tourist visa, then a student visa, a green card and ten years ago I became a U.S. citizen.  I love change, and have taught in public, private, charter, homeschools, and international schools.  Each day in class we pretend travel to a new destination onboard “Ware Air.” The students learn about a new city, new country and new continent each day as they walk into class.  When I was little I   wanted to be a flight attendant and a teacher. So now I get to be both. J  Currently I teach English Language Development to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  At my previous school, I was in charge of the South Korean international English program and spent a summer teaching English in South Korea a few years ago.  My educational background:  

Graduated from High school in Sweden.

Attended Mt. San Antonio Community College and CSU, San Marcos.

Multiple subject credential with a supplement in History/Social Science. CLAD credential, Bachelors degree in Social Science, Masters degree in Learning and instruction.


WWII Veteran Class Visit

WWII Veteran Class Visit