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ASB Director and Humanities Teacher

Brenda Dolan

ASB Student Store Cashier Clerk 

Michelle Webb X8924

Panther Store

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Monday - Friday      10:00am   to  1:00pm


ASB at Lincoln: Finances, Fun, and Leadership!

The Lincoln Middle Associated Student Body (ASB) is a term to describe a multifunctional program. Its responsibilities can be divided into three parts: Finances, Fun, Leadership.

Part 1: Finances
The ASB is comprised of voting members of a Student Council that functions under the parameters of a Constitution, approved the district’s Board of Trustees. These students are charged with the responsibility of maintaining student funds. The ASB, with the assistance of the Student Body Accounts Clerk, maintains accounts from fees collected at school via fundraisers, donations, and the sale of items at the Lincoln Student Store. This money is to be spent on non-curricular activities that directly and indirectly benefit students. All members of the ASB are voting members. On given days, the Student Council meets to process the requests for expenditures from the various extra-curricular organizations on campus. The student council considers all request expenditures, and passes only those that meet legal requirements. It is the ASB’s goal to fund as many worthy student activities throughout the school year as funds allow.

Part 2: Fun
The ASB is also responsible for planning and executing activities that foster school spirit and make Lincoln Middle memorable. The ASB plans events like school dances, lunchtime activities/demonstrations, and Spirit Week. This must be done under supervision of the class advisor, Mrs. Dolan.

Part 3: Leadership
The leadership class is where students are graded based on variety of requirements. Despite popular opinion, we do not make posters all day in class and ASB class is not an easy ‘A’. The course is designed to achieve the processing of money and planning the fun events, but it is also devoted to providing students with other opportunities to improve their individual leadership skills.

For more information, please contact the Lincoln Middle ASB Advisor, Mrs. Dolan.