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How To Start A Campus Club

Are you passionate about a certain hobby, activity or lifestyle?  Join a Club or create a NEW Club at Lincoln!


How do I start a Campus Club?

STEP 1: Start with an idea of what type of Club you would like to start.

STEP 2: Ask one of your favorite teachers if they would like to be the Advisor to your Club. (Not all teachers are  available, so don't take it personally. You may need to ask a few different teachers).  

STEP 3: Ask other students if they would like to join your Club. You need atleast 10 students to start a Club. ALL students are welcome to join the Club after it becomes "official". No one can be excluded.

STEP 4: The Teacher Advisory contacts the Student Store Clerk Michelle Webb for necessary documents to be signed.

STEP 5: Wait patiently for approval.


Clubs cannot begin meeting at school until they have been OUSD Board Approved.


The following items are required when filling out the application...

Name of Club

Name of Advisor Teacher

Number of Students

List of Students Interested

Club Purpose

Club Goals

Special Requirements for Joining? 

Explain Reason for Requirements