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San Dieguito Alliance for a Drug Free Youth

San Dieguito Alliance is a collaboration with schools, parents and youth organizations, city councils, law enforcement agencies, businesses, chambers, civic groups and the faith community, who are dedicated to creating a healthy community.

San Dieguito Alliance provides five youth prevention programs:

  • STUDY BUDDY, a program for high school teens to mentor and tutor an elementary student after school.
  • Youth Tobacco Prevention Corps, a program for high school students to provide tobacco prevention education, and community and business assessments.
  • Teen Presenters, a program for high school seniors to visit elementary and middle schools to tell the students about their choice to have always been alcohol, tobacco and drug free.
  • Project YO, a program for Latino teens to encourage their academic success, and to provide opportunities for community service, cultural enrichment activities and leadership trainings.
  • San Dieguito Youth Partnership, a San Diego County Youth Leadership Project designed to strengthen the youth driven alcohol and other drug prevention efforts throughout the county.

    The San Dieguito Alliance also provides many more services. Please refer to their website for more information.

    San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth
    PO Box 2448
    Del Mar, CA 92014
    (858) 755-6598